• Personal care

    Hygiene is an essential part of maintaining health by keeping the body clean and preventing the spread of germs. It also is important for emotional well-being. Our staff members are trained to provide bathing and showering assistance in a respectful, professional way that preserves dignity. Grooming assistance, such as shaving, hairstyling and trimming fingernails, also can be provided.

  • Transferring and positioning

    Trained in the proper positioning, our staff members will help your loved one be comfortable in a chair or bed. This will help avoid pressure on the skin and muscles. Proper positioning also is beneficial for patients who have trouble breathing and improves body alignment, which prevents foot drop and other issues.

    Elder and younger Ladies

  • Meal preparation

    Different nutritional needs than younger adults, more medication and higher rates of chronic medical conditions make a well-balanced, nutritional diet even more important for older Americans. However, living alone, a change in taste buds and lack of mobility all impact seniors’ abilities to cook for themselves at this important time in their lives. Our staff members can help provide a nutritious, hot meal that will be appetizing for each individual.

  • Toileting and incontinence care

    Our staff will provide the professional skills to help seniors with these needs while maintaining dignity and privacy.

    Elder Gentleman with Care Povider

  • Transportation to the doctor, church, beauty salon/barber

    Transportation at the convenience of the clients allow them the freedom to remain an active part of society and participate in daily activities that promote mental health, attend religious services and meetings for spiritual health, travel to doctor’s visits for physical health and make beauty appointments for higher morale.

  • Relief for family caregivers

    Research shows a connection between family caregiving and stress, depression and poor health. We provide respite care so family caregivers can rest, relieve stress, and conduct necessary errands and appointments. It also will improve the relationship between family caregiver and patient by allowing the caregiver to get a much-needed break.

  • Light housekeeping and laundry

    Housekeeping tasks include dusting, vacuuming, sweeping/mopping floors as well as cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. Laundry services includes washing, drying, ironing and folding in the manner each client prefers. The clothes will then be put away in a closet or dresser.

  • Medication reminders

    Medication is only effective if it’s taken on schedule and the proper directions are followed. Our staff can help open bottles, read labels and remind clients when it’s time to take medication.

  • Companionship

    Conversation during a meal or while playing a game helps keep the mind sharp; guards against loneliness, isolation and dementia; and improves overall quality of life.

    Working a puzzle

  • Grocery shopping and errands

    Our staff can shop for clients, or clients can become full participants in those errands to maintain control and oversight of everyday tasks.

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